VLRS announces rebrand as SERV

30 November 2021


VLRS announces rebrand as SERV

Tuesday 23 November 2021: VLRS announces rebrand as SERV

  • VLRS unveils new name and logo as part of rebrand as SERV
  • SERV (pronounced ‘serve’) stands for Secure Electronic Registries Victoria
  • Company will begin trading as SERV from 30 November

Victorian Land Registry Services (VLRS) today announced that it will rebrand as SERV, short for Secure Electronic Registries Victoria, as part of its mission to become one of the most trusted registry, data insights and technology companies in Australia.

VLRS will begin trading as SERV (pronounced ‘serve’) on Tuesday 30 November 2021.

SERV Board Chair, Cheryl Batagol said the rebrand as SERV comes three years after VLRS was granted a 40-year concession by the Victorian Government to administer registry services for the 160-year-old Victorian Land Titles Office.

“Since commercialisation in 2018, we’ve been focused on providing a seamless transition from Government with minimal disruption to our employees, customers, and the Victorian public,” Ms Batagol said.

“As such, we’ve been largely ‘invisible’ and viewed as a function of government. But in 2020, we recognised that if we want to achieve our mission, we needed to evolve. Having built a solid foundation and a strong starting point as VLRS, we started to carve out our unique value proposition and what sets us apart from our partners and industry” she said.

SERV CEO, Andrew Faber said the rebrand as SERV underscores the company’s evolution, representing its unique identity and growth aspirations.

“Our rebrand as SERV is the beginning of an exciting next chapter of our journey and captures the essence of who we are, what we do and the role we play,” Mr Faber said.

“SERV more accurately reflects our commitment to creating public good, our role as a custodian of the Victorian Land Titles Registry and our responsibility to maintain the security of that data, and our desire to contribute to the economic vitality of the State, all of which are of paramount importance to us,” he said. “SERV by name and serve by nature.”

“The SERV brand is a leap forward for our company in every way and we can’t wait to inspire a new, reimagined future for employees, government partners, industry stakeholders and customers that will build on the success of the past three years operating as VLRS,” he said.

SERV will continue to deliver for its government partners, the Victorian property industry, customers, and Victorians across three core capabilities:

  1. World leading registry management and customer experience,
  2. Innovative products and data services, through our innovative insights and solutions, and
  3. Modern, secure technology services.

New Look

The flowing ribbon design symbolises lines of data moving toward a better future. The custom-designed SERV wordmark uses both symmetrical and asymmetrical lines to show how technology and community can work together for the common good.

Take a sneak peek of our transformation from VLRS to SERV in the video below.


LANDATA® will continue to deliver property-related information such as title, survey, valuation, property sales and planning certificates at landata.online.

About SERV

SERV, or Secure Electronic Registries Victoria (formerly Victorian Land Registry Services), is an innovative data insights and technology company that was granted a 40-year concession to administer registry services for the 160-year-old Victorian Land Titles Office and Registry.

We are a vital part of the Victorian economy. We support more than a million property transactions every year, maintain the integrity of one of Australia’s largest registries, and provide vital industry insights.

Via our privileged access to single source registry data, we develop products, services and solutions that make life easier and personal information more secure for our customers, partners, key stakeholders, and the people of Victoria.

We are Secure Electronic Registries Victoria. And we’re here to SERV.

SERV acknowledges and respects Victorian Traditional Owners as the original custodians of Victoria’s land and waters, their unique ability to care for Country and deep spiritual connection to it. We honour Elders past, present and emerging, whose knowledge and wisdom ensures the continuation of culture and traditional practises.

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