SERV Verify

Ensure data accuracy directly through the authoritative Victorian Register of land

Alleviate the number of cross-checks required in the verification process of property dealings through the SERV Verify service.

Use SERV Verify to promptly verify data directly from the Victorian Register of land, such as property ownership. 

This solution can be seamlessly integrated into your business’s current workflow as an API or batch process. SERV Verify delivers greater efficiencies and experiences for your business and customers.

SERV Verify helps financial institutions, government agencies and local government:

  1. Securely and accurately verify property details, such as ownership, against the Victorian Register of land, when reviewing a new application and screening eligibility. 
  2. Validate key property data in real-time to ensure customers satisfy the business rules and application criteria.
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How SERV Verify works

SERV Verify enables organisations to receive real-time verification on property information from the authoritative Victorian Register of land and verify it against the data collected as part of a business or application process.

It allows organisations to periodically verify property data in their systems to ensure absolute data quality and greater efficiency to their verification processes. 

How SERV Verify is delivered

At SERV, our customers are at the centre of our products and service delivery. We cater to the varying needs of our customers through offering a range of SERV’s data products, services, and solutions directly from our product and information service, LANDATA®, and authorised network partners.  

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