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Stay up to date with key changes to your customers and their properties

Due to the nature of property insurance transactions, many general insurers struggle to maintain frequent communication with their customers.

A lot can change with a property and its owner over time, making it incredibly important for insurers to stay updated on critical changes to their insured customers and properties.  

SERV works with the insurance industry to provide up-to-the-minute updates on  a spectrum of changes to properties and their owners, helping manage risk and maximise the service delivery for their customers.  

With an authoritative view of property activity in Victoria, SERV can help insurers track and manage customers, especially at  those crucial times when they are  buying, selling,  letting, or moving home.  

How SERV drives growth in the Insurance Industry

SERV provides a range of data and services that address the needs of insurers to:

SERV enables insurers to monitor a wide range of activities on a specific property through SERV Alert. Insurers can use these notifications to trigger customer contact, such as reassessing insured value or helping with a move. 

Insurers can verify data supplied in applications for a policy or across a portfolio of policies to ensure its accuracy, through SERV Verify

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At SERV, our customers are at the centre of our product and services delivery. To cater to the varying needs of our customers, we’ve made our data products, services, and solutions available through a range of methods. These include SERV’s direct in-house data and solutions service, LANDATA® - our product and information service, and our authorised network partners.

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