Serving the Utilities Industry

We help utility providers support their customers and create loyal advocates

At SERV, we’re passionate about using our platform to deliver public good and improve the lives of Victorians.

We understand that building strong relationships with your customers and their homes is paramount to your success.

Let us serve you on this goal by providing a range of data services to help you better understand your customers and support them through  changes at the most important moments their lives.

How SERV drives growth in the Utilities Industry

SERV provides a range of data and services that address the needs of utility businesses to:

SERV enables utility businesses to monitor a wide range of activities on an individual property, such as intention to move. Notifications can then be used to trigger customer contact. Find out more about SERV Alert.

SERV can verify property ownership during the application for services or across a whole portfolio of customers to confirm billing names and addresses. Learn more about SERV Verify

We're here to SERV

At SERV, our customers are at the centre of our product and services delivery. To cater to the varying needs of our customers, we’ve made our data products, services, and solutions available through a range of methods. These include SERV’s direct in-house data and solutions service, LANDATA® - our product and information service, and our authorised network partners.

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