About SERV

Our Systems and Security

We maintain and enhance critical systems and applications for both SERV and our government partners at Land Use Victoria.

Our team of in-house specialists uses modern technology solutions like APIs and automation to make our industry more efficient, reliable, sustainable and secure.

Modernising our systems

In 2018 we were granted a concession to administer registry services for the Victorian Land Registry.

We quickly saw an opportunity to improve our customers' experience and partnered with Land Use Victoria to modernise the land registry systems.

By introducing cloud-based services and automating more transactions, we've improved the efficiency, performance and dependability of our services. Since November 2018:

  • We've delivered close to 100% system availability.
  • We've significantly decreased system recovery time.
  • We've maintained data integrity and improved our controls of data corruption.

A digital solution

Victoria is a world leader in digitising our Land Registry.

We're pursuing a fully digital service with our partners at Land Use Victoria, and we've made significant progress.

In November 2020, digital property transactions reached 97%. That's around 16,000 per week or close to one million per year.

A digitised service is more efficient and sustainable. It saves time and costs and has significantly decreased our industry's paper usage. It's also allowed our services to continue throughout the pandemic, ensuring the stability of Victoria's $120 billion property industry.

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Our approach to data security and privacy

We provide peace of mind by ensuring that personal information is kept safe and secure.

SERV is committed to compliance with all applicable information privacy and data security laws and adopts industry-leading information security practices.


Information security is one of the most important priorities for SERV. To thrive in this environment, we are focused on continual improvement and innovation in our information security practices. We ensure we have the right people in our business and access to leading experts to build, maintain and manage secure data infrastructure.


Our commitment to you:

  • We take our role seriously as custodians of the Victorian Land Registry.
  • We will always place the security of your data as the highest priority.
  • We care about people and maintaining the privacy of their data and information.
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Compliance certification and assessments

We inspire trust and reliability by meeting industry best practices and standards.

  • ISO27001 certified: We're proud to be ISO27001 certified, which is recognised worldwide to indicate that SERV’s information security management system aligns with industry best practices.
  • IRAP assessed: SERV is assessed annually against the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM).
  • Secure cloud: We host our data and services in a secured cloud environment to leverage world-class cutting-edge technology.
  • Secure practices: Our continuous review of the well-architected framework ensures the best possible security practices.
  • Security assessment: We run internal security assessments and engage expert specialised third parties to perform independent security assessments.

Collaborations and partnerships

We've fostered relationships with the Australian security community to learn and share best practice solutions.

We partner with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), which provides us with information and research on Cyber Security events. The ACSC brings together the business and research community with state, territory and federal government agencies in an open and collaborative environment.

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Legal and Privacy

As a custodian of personal information and public sector information, SERV is bound by both the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic).

Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and disclose your personal information and how to access, correct or raise concerns about the handling of your personal information.