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Support for Individuals

Whether you’re buying, selling or transacting on land in Victoria – we’re here to help.

When you transact on land in Victoria, the title is updated and securely held within the Victorian Registry of Land.


This page explains how to lodge an application to update the Victorian Registry of Land without professional representation (such as a lawyer or conveyancer).

Support for Professionals

If you are an industry professional lodging an application on behalf of a client, please follow the guidance on the Support for Professionals page.

Understanding the requirements

We highly recommend that you consult an Australian Legal Practitioner or Licensed Conveyancer when dealing with land.

To transact on land, you need to understand multiple legislations and apply them to your specific circumstance. By investing in the services of a certified practitioner, you'll gain access to their experience, training and professional services. Industry professionals must meet specific standards and criteria to practice, and they hold additional insurance. If you submit an incomplete or incorrect application, it may be refused, resulting in delays and costs.

Our experienced team can help you by explaining general lodging requirements. Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. All information provided by our team is general in nature and may not consider your specific circumstances.

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Lodgement process for individuals

If you choose to lodge an application without professional representation, please follow these steps.

The first step is to determine which form you need – there may be more than one. To help you through this process, we’ve compiled a list of forms and guides for the most common requests we receive.

Once you’ve located the relevant form, be sure to read the accompanying guide to understand how to complete it. If you can’t find the information you need, check out our frequently asked questions or contact us for support.

Please make sure your form meets the following specifications:

  • You must complete all the fields and sign the form to lodge it successfully.
  • Most forms are interactive and will automatically generate a section for your signature.
  • For individuals lodging without professional representation, select the ‘Leave blank’ option in the form when it asks for your representation’s details.
  • All forms signed and lodged without professional representation require a Verification of Identity, which can be completed at participating Australia Post locations.
  • When lodging a paper application, all forms must be printed single-sided in black ink on A4 white 80 gsm paper.
  • For most transactions, if there is one applicant, then only one signature section is required. If there are two applicants, there must be two signature sections, and so on. If you have a Relinquishing Party and Receiving Party, the form needs a signature section for each party.

To ensure you have the authority to buy or sell the nominated land or property, you need to verify your identity as part of the lodgement process. Include the Verification of Identity receipt (not the form or your identity documents) in your application to confirm that you've undertaken a Verification of Identity at an Australia Post Land Title ID Check express service post office.

There is detailed information about completing the form and locating participating Australia Post outlets in the guide. You'll then need to complete the form provided.

Download the guide

Download the Verification of Identity Form

Once you’ve completed the Verification of Identity form, take it to a participating Australia Post Office where they will:

  • verify your identity via the form
  • take your photo
  • witness your signature
  • provide you with a receipt for you to submit to SERV with your application.

Please do not leave your application or supporting documents with Australia Post.
You can only submit your application with SERV.


Why do I have to undertake a Verification of Identity?

Verification of Identity is a legal requirement for individuals wanting to represent themselves with the Victorian Registry of Titles. It reduces the risk of identity fraud and fraudulent property transactions by ensuring that the correct person is dealing with the land.

Find a participating Australia Post Office

Whenever land is transferred from one individual to another, the State Revenue Office must assess the stamp duty. The amount of stamp duty depends on the value of your property, how you use it, if you are a foreign purchaser, and if you are eligible for any exemptions or concessions. Learn more about this process on the State Revenue Office website.

State Revenue Office website

As part of your application, you may also need to include some supporting documentation. Please refer to your form's relevant guide to find out what supporting documentation is required and whether you need to supply the Certificate of Title.

  • If you have a paper Certificate of Title, please submit it (as the original) with your application. We'll issue you a new one when we've processed your application.
  • If you have an electronic Certificate of Title, it will be in the control of a financial institution, legal practitioner or another party. For example, this may be the financial institution that holds your mortgage.
    You can check who controls your Certificate of Title by requesting a 'Pre-Lodgement Check(s)' via LANDATA® under 'Document Tracking'.

    Before lodging your application to SERV, you'll need to ask the controlling party to nominate the title to the paper dealing via an electronic lodgement network (PEXA or Sympli). You can check whether they've completed the nomination by requesting a 'Final Search' under the 'Document Tracking' section of the LANDATA® website or by contacting an authorised information broker.

Prior to lodgement, we recommend you also check if there are any pending dealings on your title that may impede your lodgement. You can do this by requesting a 'Final Search' under the 'Document Tracking' section of the LANDATA® website or by contacting an authorised information broker.


You can submit your application either in-person or via mail.

In-person: If you’d like to submit your completed application in person at our Docklands office, please book an appointment in advance via our online booking system. The health and wellbeing of our employees, customers and visitors is our number one priority. Please note that we are unable to accommodate walk-in customers without an appointment.

Via mail: Alternatively, you can submit your application via mail to:

Secure Electronic Registries Victoria
Locked Bag 20005
Melbourne VIC 3001

Please note that there are fees for lodging a registrations application. You can find a list of the lodgement fees from our government partners at the links below: 

The process for making payment depends on whether you have lodged in-person or via mail.

Lodged in person:

If your lodgement is acceptable, the fees are payable at your appointment, using a debit card or credit card (Visa or Mastercard only). Please note that we don’t accept cheques or money orders.

You'll receive a receipt for your payment and a lodgement summary on the day. If your transaction results in a new title, it will be mailed to you once your matter is complete.

If your lodgement is not acceptable, you will receive your document back along with a refusal advice which will outline what you need to do to progress your application.

Lodged via mail:

Once we have received your application via post and assessed that is acceptable, it will be lodged by SERV. After this, one of our helpful cashiers will contact you via phone for payment using a debit card or credit card (Visa or Mastercard only). Please note that we don’t accept cheques or money orders. 

Payment will be confirmed over the phone and we will not retain any written records of the card used in the transaction. We will send a receipt to you by email. Please ensure your daytime phone number and email address is up to date on your forms.