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Search for property information in Victoria

LANDATA® provides access to property information held in the Victorian Land Registry.

Use LANDATA® to search for land titles, mortgage details, surveys, land valuations, property sales, property and planning certificates.

You can also request copies of registered or recorded documents and set up alerts to let you know when something happens on a title.

LANDATA® provides property information for conveyancers, lawyers, financial institutions, valuers, the real estate industry and the public on behalf of SERV.

Each year we provide:

  • 7 million titles searches
  • Close to one million copies of plans
  • More than 600,000 property transaction searches
Woman searching Victorian land titles on computer at home

Information available on LANDATA®

  • Victorian Land Title Search and Associated Statutory Products
  • Land Index Search
  • Property Certificates
  • Property Sales Information
  • Water Register Share Entitlements and Associated Documents
  • Planning Certificates
  • Plans
  • Historical Aerial Photos

Use LANDATA® to search property information held in the Victorian Land Registry.