Serving the Financial Services Industry

Delivering authentic property data to Financial Institutions

SERV is a custodian of the Victorian Register of land and a wealth of other property-related datasets in Victoria.

The Register is the single source of truth for property ownership and transactions and underpins surety in the Victorian property sector. SERV harnesses the power of this data to create secure, accurate, and reliable products and services that help our clients make informed decisions about their customers and the properties they finance. 

We know that customers increasingly expect their financial service providers to have an exceptional understanding of them, their lives, and their financial needs. Regulators and boards also expect companies to have a deep understanding of their businesses to manage risk, reporting, and customer's rights. 

How SERV drives growth in the Financial Services Industry

SERV provides a range of products and services that address the needs of Financial Institutions to:

by ensuring the accuracy of records about property and owners in real time. Through SERV Verify, we can ensure data quality, accuracy, and completeness across an entire property portfolio.

by tracking activities on property assets. SERV Alert enables near real-time tracking of all search, dealing and transaction activity on property titles, mitigating any surprises.

with SERV Alert. We provide customers with advance notice of property transaction activity, helping settlements teams optimise their business processes in an optimal and timely manner.

by ensuring that the right property data is available at the right time for the right teams. Using SERV Retrieve, financial institutions can select customised property data to meet their specific project and organisational needs. 

that enables real-time verification of property ownership for customers applying for new financial products and services. Find out more about how our SERV Verify service can be seamlessly integrated into your operational systems. 

We're here to SERV

At SERV, our customers are at the centre of our product and services delivery. To cater to the varying needs of our customers, we’ve made our data products, services, and solutions available through a range of methods. These include SERV’s direct in-house data and solutions service, LANDATA® - our product and information service, and our authorised network partners.

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