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High-quality data and analytics are increasingly important for making well-informed decisions on land acquisition, development and asset management in the property sector.

SERV provides authoritative data, insights, and solutions to property professionals  across residential and commercial  sectors directly from the Victorian Land Registry.

Our clients rely on SERV to provide up-to-date, comprehensive, and digestible property data to make decisions, mitigate risk, optimise investments, and manage their assets.

How SERV drives growth in the Victorian property industry

SERV provides a range of data products and services that support property professionals to:

by analysing the historical activity of an area, we can understand what has driven superior development outcomes. SERV can provide and analyse historical data on the evolution of land parcels from farmland to subdivision, development, sale, and eventual resale.

by tracking all activities related to target properties or areas, including transactions, prices, and development activity. This information provides developers with an up-to-the-minute understanding of local market activity to guide their acquisition and development planning. Find out more through SERV Alert.

using market scans with detailed criteria and insights. 

can support asset managers to compare the performance of developments and assets in the local market against competitors. 

by working with SERV or one of our authorised network partners, you can integrate data on titles, certificates and more, directly into your core systems to track property ownership and expedite transactions.

We're here to SERV

At SERV, our customers are at the centre of our product and services delivery. To cater to the varying needs of our customers, we’ve made our data products, services, and solutions available through a range of methods. These include SERV’s direct in-house data and solutions service, LANDATA® - our product and information service, and our authorised network partners. 

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