Digital Register Search Statement (DRSS)

Moving to a Digital First future with fully digital copies of title

As SERV provides administrative services to the Victorian Land Registry on behalf of the Victorian Government, SERV is committed to a Digital First future, in which property information enables transactions to occur seamlessly for the benefit of all Victorians. 

In Victoria, a Register Search Statement from the Victorian Register of land is required where there is a property sale and section 32 statement is required. Each year, millions of Register Search Statements are issued to lenders, conveyancers, property professionals, and the public to facilitate an efficient and effective property sector. Until now, this document has been provided as a PDF only, inhibiting the transition to fully digital property activity.

After a period of industry consultation, SERV developed and launched the Digital Register Search Statement (DRSS). DRSS provides all the information on a title in a JSON structured digital format that can be easily integrated into customers’ systems. This makes it quick, easy, and secure for lenders, conveyancers, and other property professionals to digitise their property transaction processes, enabling faster decisions and better outcomes for their customers. 

Authenticity token

SERV has implemented an Authenticity Token Verification process to provide confidence to customers that any data they receive in a digital format has been legitimately sourced from the Victorian Register of land as part of a Digital Register Search Statement. 

How DRSS is delivered

At SERV, our customers are at the centre of our products and service delivery. We cater to the varying needs of our customers through offering a range of SERV's data products, services, and solutions directly from our product and information service, LANDATA®, and authorised information brokers.

DRSS is provided exclusively through our network of information brokers. 

We're here to SERV

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