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Authenticity Token Verification

Has your data been sourced from the Victorian Register of Land as part of a Digital Register Search Statement?

Confirm that your digital land title information has been sourced from the Victorian Register of land. 

SERV’s Authenticity Token enables users of digital land title information to establish the provenance of each digital copy of title. 

The Authenticity Token verification process confirms that your land title information was sourced from the Victorian Register of land as a Digital Register Search Statement. 


It’s simple and free of charge. In the fields below, enter the security number (12 numbers followed by one letter) your authenticity token (256 characters made up of numbers and letters) that accompanies your digital land title information.  

You will receive confirmation that your information was appropriately sourced from the Register of land in digital form. Speak to your information broker to find out more or contact us at

Note the information contained in the Digital Register Search Statement is accurate only as at the date that the information was taken from the Register. 

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