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At SERV, we turn data into outcomes.

SERV's data services and insights make Victorian property data more accessible and actionable at scale.

For over 160 years, every residential, commercial, and industrial property transaction in Victoria has been securely captured in the Victorian Register of land. SERV is entrusted by the Victorian Government with this data. We harness its power to create secure and actionable insights for the public, government, and businesses. 

We monitor land and property activity, understand market trends and patterns, and verify land property information. 

SERV's Products & Services

Our products and services underpin the Victorian property market. We use property data insights to create solutions that inform public policy and help businesses grow.

We're continually developing and expanding our offering to meet the needs of our customers and Industry. Get in touch with our Data Services & Insights team to discuss our upcoming products and how we can help you.

Our Solutions

At SERV, we understand that our customers have varying needs when managing property ownership and interests. Our team of in-house property data experts and technology developers create tailor-made, cost-effective and easy to implement solutions for government, businesses, and the public to help them make better-informed decisions.

Explore our suite of property data solutions below.

SERV Alert is a subscription-based service that notifies customers of any activity on property titles of interest. The service can be tailored for your specific needs, such as selecting the frequency of alerts, activities that trigger alerts, and the platform where alerts are delivered. SERV Alert helps you stay informed and take immediate action on property transactions. 

Typical users: Financial Institutions, Property Developers, Insurers, Local Government and Utilities.

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Use SERV Verify to promptly verify data directly from the Victorian Register of land, such as property ownership. We can integrate this solution seamlessly into your business’s workflow as a property data API or batch process. SERV Verify delivers greater efficiency and improves the user experience for your business and customers. 

Typical users: Financial Institutions, Government Agencies, Local Government, Insurers and Utilities

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The SERV Retrieval service allows customers to retrieve real-time information from the Victorian Register of land in volume and an easy-to-consume format. Use SERV Retrieval to find title information, proprietor details,  planning data and more. SERV Retrieval supplies data from the single source of truth, providing greater transparency of property market activity and efficiencies for you and your customers. 

Typical users: Financial Institutions, Local Government, Insurers, Property Developers and Utilities. 

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DRSS provides all the information on a title in a JSON structured digital format that can be easily integrated into customers’ systems. This makes it quick, easy, and secure for lenders, conveyancers, and other property professionals to digitise their property transaction processes, enabling faster decisions and better outcomes for their customers. 

Typical users: Financial Institutions, Brokers, Conveyancers

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The Authenticity Token verification process confirms that your land title information was sourced from the Victorian Register of land as a Digital Register Search Statement. 

Typical users: Financial Institutions,  Conveyancers

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In 2020, The City of Stonnington used SERV Retrieval to access details and communicate with residents of a multi-dwelling development to avoid an outbreak of COVID-19. SERV curated and delivered critical property data, which Council used to improve emergency management planning and reduce the public health risk. By using SERV Retrieval, Council could respond in real-time to the concentrated outbreak and minimise its spread. SERV also added valuable data to their platforms to assist building compliance, planning, environment and capital projects.

Case Study from the City of Stonnington

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