Serving state and local governments

Serving Government to make a difference to the lives of Victorians

As an administrator of the 160-year-old Victorian Land Registry, SERV plays a vital role in Victoria’s economy.

Our goal is to help governments at all levels use our insights from data to improve public policy and service delivery and enhance the lives of Victorians. 

We know that government at local, state, and federal levels require accurate, timely and accessible data to make decisions that are cost-effective and beneficial to citizens. We’re working with government on a wide range of initiatives, including developing bespoke solutions to improve service delivery, public policy, strategy and planning. 

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How our data services and insights have helped government

In 2020, The City of Stonnington used SERV Retrieve to access details and communicate with residents of a multi-dwelling development to avoid an outbreak of COVID-19.

SERV curated and delivered critical property data, which Council used to improve emergency management planning and reduce the public health risk. By using SERV Retrieve, Council could respond in real-time to the concentrated outbreak and minimise its spread. SERV also added valuable data to their platforms to assist building compliance, planning, environment and capital projects.

We're here to SERV

At SERV, our customers are at the centre of our product and services delivery. To cater to the varying needs of our customers, we’ve made our data products, services, and solutions available through a range of methods. These include SERV’s direct in-house data and solutions service, LANDATA® - our product and information service, and our authorised network partners.

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