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By law, most land transactions in Victoria must be lodged and managed online with limited exceptions.

We've developed some information to support you in this process.

Our experienced team can assist by explaining general lodging requirements for property transactions and dealings.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. All information provided by our team is general in nature, based on information provided at the time of consultation and does not guarantee acceptance or registration.

Support for Individuals

If you’re lodging an application without representation from a financial institution, Australian Legal Practitioner or Licensed Conveyancer, please refer to our Support for Individuals page.

Victoria is phasing out paper certificates of title from 3 August 2024

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Electronic Lodgement

Most land transactions in Victoria must be lodged and managed online, with limited exceptions.

Click here for additional support and guidance when lodging Section 104 dealings. 

To lodge electronically, you must first become an ELN Subscriber. There are two platforms for doing this: PEXA and Sympli. Applicants must satisfy the eligibility requirements of the Participation Rules and then contact an Electronic Lodgement Network Operator (ELNO). The ELNO will manage this process with you.

Once approved to use an ELN, a Subscriber can prepare a transaction for lodgement to the Land Registry. The ELNO will guide the Subscriber in making the transaction acceptable to the Registry. The legislative requirements for e-lodgements are the same as for paper transactions.

Subscribers must ensure their lodgement case contains all the required information and documentation and certify the data’s accuracy. The transaction must be signed digitally by a Subscriber entitled to sign e-lodgements.

If you experience any issues when using the ELN platform, please contact their customer support. 

Before the transaction is lodged, the information submitted is checked with the Victorian Online Title System (VOTS) to ensure it is valid and complete. The Registrar has determined the validation checks to give the Subscriber some certainty.

If pre-lodgement validation fails, the Subscriber receives a notification as to why.

Once lodgement passes validation and the case passes all electronic examination processes, we can register the transaction. The requirement for the Land Registry to examine transactions has not changed. Where technically possible, we have streamlined the process to provide efficient registration.

Following registration of the transaction, we produce a new certificate of title and issue a Registration Confirmation Statement to the lodging party.

PEXA’s online platform allows for automatic lodgement and registration, pays stamp duty and exchanges loan funds once settlement is completed.

Transaction types currently available in the PEXA ELN:

  • Transfers
  • Mortgage / Discharge of mortgage
  • Caveat / Withdrawal of caveat
  • Survivorship
  • Transmissions
  • Priority notice, withdrawal and extension
  • Administrative notices
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Sympli’s online platform currently provides standalone lodgement for certain transactions.

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Paper Lodgement

There are limited exceptions when a transaction does not have to be lodged and managed online.

Following the Registrar’s mandate of electronic conveyancing in August 2019, paper lodgements have become increasingly rare. If you believe your transaction is exempt from electronic lodgement, please contact our Registrations Team for support.

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Our government partners provide a comprehensive list of Transfer of Land Act 1958 (Vic) lodgement fees:

Lodgement and search fees increase on 1 July each year. Read more about the most recent annual fee changes.

Please note that direct debit is the only method of payment accepted for Industry Professionals. If you need to set up a direct debit, please complete the direct debit request form and email it to us at

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