SERV's authorised Network of Brokers

Making Victorian property data more accessible and actionable at scale

Property information relating to ownership and transfer of land can be complicated for many users. Most Victorians only interact with the Register of land a handful of times in their lives. Many businesses also require additional expertise when using property information to maximise the benefit for them and their customers.

To support all users in navigating this complexity, SERV delivers accurate and timely property information via authorised partners, each providing a unique combination of expertise, capability, and integration.

Read on below to see which option best suits your needs or contact our team for guidance or about becoming a partner.

Titles and Property Certificates Brokers

Title and Property Certificate Information Brokers (TPCI Brokers) can provide copies of title and other property-related certificates that are crucial for conducting property transactions, including transfer of land, mortgages, refinances, and building permits.

Title Searches can include title registry data such as copy of title, copy of plan, final search, instrument (caveat, mortgage, etc.). Check with each Information Broker about which Searches are available through them.

Property Sales Data Brokers

Property Sales Data Brokers can help you access the history of a property, valuation models, and property sales and sales price information for Victoria since the 1980s.

The table below shows the Property Sales Data Brokers that SERV works with.

Becoming a broker

SERV manages an Expression of Interest (EOI) process on behalf of the State, giving appropriate businesses who meet the EOI criteria the opportunity to become a partner.  To talk to SERV about engaging in the next EOI send us an email at