VLRS Appoints Three New Executives

18 May 2021


VLRS Appoints Three New Executives

Wednesday 12 May 2021: Victorian Land Registry Services (VLRS) has announced three new Executive Leadership Team appointments. 

Stephanie Chenoweth will join VLRS as General Manager, Corporate & Strategy on 24 May 2021In this role, Ms Chenoweth will have oversight of strategy and business planning processes, budgeting, finance, treasury, tax, legal, regulatory, risk management, compliance, and Board and company secretarial support. Interim Head of Legal, Risk & Compliance, Moana Weir, and Interim Head of Finance, Tory Gruen will support Ms Chenoweth’s transition into VLRS.  

Steven Millward will join VLRS as General Manager, Data Services & Insights on 7 June 2021. In his new role, Mr Millward will have strategic and technical oversight of the formulation and delivery of the VLRS New Data Services strategy. 

Steve Planincic will join VLRS as General Manager, Technology & Information Systems on 28 June 2021. In this role, Mr Planincic will have strategic and technical oversight of formulation and delivery of the VLRS strategy and putting the customer at the forefront of all technology development. 

Acting General Manager, Technology & Information Systems and Acting General Manager, Data Services & Insights, Ani Chakraborty has been with VLRS since its inception in 2018. Mr Chakraborty will step away from acting in both roles but will support Mr Millward and Mr Planincic as they transition into VLRS.   

The three new executives will join General Manager, Government & Stakeholder Engagement, Entsar Hamid, and General Manager, Human Resources, Freya Poulter, as the fully formed VLRS executive leadership team.  

VLRS CEO Andrew Faber said: “We are thrilled to have Ms Chenoweth, Mr Millward and Mr Planincic joining VLRS at such a critical time for our business. Now in our third year of operations, we are in an exciting phase of our journey and I look forward to working alongside the fully formed VLRS executive leadership team to continue to deliver trusted land registration and information services to the people of Victoria.” 

“On behalf of VLRS management and employees, I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr Chakraborty, Mrs Gruen, and Ms Weir for their invaluable contributions to VLRS. We wish them well on their next endeavours,” Mr Faber said. 

As part of the leadership changes, the VLRS Board also extended Mr Faber’s appointment as CEO until 31 March 2021 to provide further stability and certainty for employees and key stakeholders.

“I’m thrilled to be able to continue to lead an organisation I believe in and work alongside a group of talented, dedicated, and hardworking people including our employees, State Government partners and industry stakeholders. With the support of the newly formed ELT, I look forward to delivering on the VLRS five-year strategy,” he said.

More information about the VLRS leadership team is available here.

About VLRS 

Victorian Land Registry Services (VLRS) is at the nexus of old and newpublic, and private. We’re a technology and data insights company that was granted a 40-year concession by the Victorian Government in 2018 to run the commercial operations of the 160-year old Land Titles Office and Registry.  

We are a vital part of the Victorian economy. We manage more than a million property transactions every year, maintain the integrity of one of Australia’s largest registries, provide invaluable industry insights, and develop products and services that make life easier and personal information more secure for our customers, partners, key stakeholders and the people of Victoria. 

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* Formerly known as Victorian Land Registry Services (VLRS), we changed to Secure Electronic Registries Victoria (SERV) in November 2021.

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