Employee Recognition

Ways of Working Awards

These Awards recognise SERV employees who demonstrate a culture of collaboration and innovation. They celebrate those team members who optimise the way we do things here at SERV and make meaningful changes so the work we do is engaging and sustainable.

November 2023


Product Owner

Shika improved our ways of working with Land Use Victoria and promoting less frequent but higher quality direct engagement.

This enhanced our shared understanding of requirements, and alignment to strategic priorities will deliver better outcomes and reduce inefficiency of rework.


Operational Performance Lead

Mel's commitment to process improvement and report automation is outstanding.

Without her dedicated effort and collaborative approach, SERV would not have made so much tangible progress in adoption of PowerBI for SLA report automation, nor have systems and processed that are more efficient by leveraging new tools such as 8*8, CSM, and ServiceHub.

May 2023

Khai Keat

Lead Business Analyst

Khai Keats innovative approach to data-based decision-making helped his team deliver effectively and confidently.  He identified an improvement opportunity in the way teams estimated and tracked the amount of effort required to complete tasks.

His work aligned expectations for delivery closer to actual outcomes and enhanced the ability to predict the time a team would take to complete their workload. This has improved the way we work at SERV, and by thinking outside of the box, Khai Keat has uplifted capability across his department.


Executive Officer

Jae is a driving force behind process innovative and key events at SERV and leads by example with her collaborative approach.

She self-initiated a review to the existing processes in her department from approvals, team updates to ways of working. She upskilled herself and other team members across a suite of software to find better solutions. Jae consistently supports staff across the entire business and influences innovation by creating safe spaces for all voices.

She is supportive and inspiring and has influenced significant change while bringing people together.

Christine, Alysha, Daniel & Ting-Ming

Finance Team

Christine, Alysha, Daniel & Ting-Ming are all examples of rising to the challenge. In a short period of time, this team reorganised their structure and team priorities to support lean workflow management.

They improved processes within their department and had an outstanding result, turning a 16-day turnaround for a key business deliverable to an impressive five days. This has catalysed conversations across the business to look at optimising other processes and activities.

Their teamwork and collaboration have improved productivity and autonomy, meaning the team is more aligned on priorities and strategy.

November 2022



Victoria has consistently taken an innovative approach to problem solving by using technology to break down processes and find better ways of working.

She has replaced laborious processes with new streamlined digital ones meaning that all staff can easily and efficiently access the system. It also has created a powerful management and data capture framework that will drive even better outcomes and more efficiencies in the future.

Victoria collaborates across the business to ensure the best possible outcomes no matter what the project entails.


Senior Registration Officer

Jean Marc has consistently demonstrated a high level of cross-team collaboration, always keen to help others understand the complex world of registrations and answer any queries they may have in a patient, friendly and accommodating manner.

Jean-Marc's expertise combined with his passion for improvements has also been invaluable in the ongoing work in driving improvement across the business.



Lead Developer 

Alan consistently displays a willingness and patience to teach and provide technical direction.  He has a knack of coming to the rescue whenever the team has technical challenges to deal with. With his calm demeanour and technical skills, he presents as a natural problem solver.

Alan is the go-to person when someone needs clarity within his area of expertise, and he makes himself available to support the development of the programs we use, ensuring that our ways of working are always advanced.


Risk and Compliance Manager

Menaka is a consistent pillar of support to her newly fully formed team.

She took a keen interest in developing and submitting business critical plans to our stakeholders, this is no small feat as it required a very proactive role and high  collaboration across various teams at SERV to achieve an outcome in a small amount of time.

Her role in taking on and building the internal capability within SERV required extensive collaboration across the business and delivered impressive and valuable outcomes.